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The 1986 Asian Games (), officially known as the 10th Asian Games and the X Asiad () and commonly known as Seoul 1986 () were held from 20 September to 5 October 1986, in Seoul, South Korea. The venues and facilities of the 10th Asiad were the same venues and facilities that would be used in the 1988 Summer Olympics, as it was considered a test event.

Seoul had previously been scheduled to host the 1970 games, but it received security threats from neighbouring North Korea, forcing it to give up hosting the games to previous 1966 host Bangkok, Thailand.

Host city selection

Baghdad, Iraq, Pyongyang, North Korea and Seoul, South Korea were the bidding cities for the Games, but during the process Baghdad and Pyongyang withdrew, leaving Seoul as only bidding city.1

Boycotting countries

<img src="1986_Asian_Games_(Seoul)_boycotting_Asian_countries_(red)_01.png" title="Boycotting countries are in dark red" width="300" alt="Boycotting countries are in dark red" /> Communist states North Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and South Yemen, as well as Burma, Syria, and Brunei all boycotted the Games for political reasons and conditions. However, the People's Republic of China, which was set to host the next games in Beijing, competed, and ultimately finished at the top of the medal table. Two years later, all except North Korea participated at the 1988 Summer Olympics, although Brunei sent only one official and no athletes.

Terrorist attack

A North Korean spy detonated a bomb behind a vending machine in Gimpo International Airport and killed five people, including a technician, just a few days before the Games started.

Participating nations

The following 27 nations participated.2


The official mascot for the 1986 Asian Games was Hodori the tiger, which was also the mascot of the 1988 Summer Olympics.



 ● Opening ceremony   Event competitions ● Event finals ● Closing ceremony
September / October 198620th Sat21st Sun22nd Mon23rd Tue24th Wed25th Thu26th Fri27th Sat28th Sun29th Mon30th Tue1st Wed2nd Thu3rd Fri4th Sat5th SunGold medals
<img src="Archery_pictogram.svg" title="Archery_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Archery_pictogram.svg" /> Archery4812
<img src="Athletics_pictogram.svg" title="Athletics_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Athletics_pictogram.svg" /> Athletics491068542
<img src="Badminton_pictogram.svg" title="Badminton_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Badminton_pictogram.svg" /> Badminton257
<img src="Basketball_pictogram.svg" title="Basketball_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Basketball_pictogram.svg" /> Basketball112
<img src="Bowling_pictogram.svg" title="Bowling_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Bowling_pictogram.svg" /> Bowling226212
<img src="Boxing_pictogram.svg" title="Boxing_pictogram.svg" width="15"
alt="Boxing_pictogram.svg" /> Boxing1212
<img src="Cycling_(road)_pictogram.svg"
title="Cycling_(road)_pictogram.svg" width="15"
alt="Cycling_(road)_pictogram.svg" /> Cycling – Road123
<img src="Cycling_(track)_pictogram.svg"
title="Cycling_(track)_pictogram.svg" width="15"
alt="Cycling_(track)_pictogram.svg" /> Cycling – Track11136
<img src="Diving_pictogram.svg" title="Diving_pictogram.svg" width="15"
alt="Diving_pictogram.svg" /> Diving11114
<img src="Equestrian_pictogram.svg" title="Equestrian_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Equestrian_pictogram.svg" /> Equestrian211116
<img src="Fencing_pictogram.svg" title="Fencing_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Fencing_pictogram.svg" /> Fencing121228
<img src="Field_hockey_pictogram.svg" title="Field_hockey_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Field_hockey_pictogram.svg" /> Field hockey112
<img src="Football_pictogram.svg" title="Football_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Football_pictogram.svg" /> Football11
<img src="Golf_pictogram.svg" title="Golf_pictogram.svg" width="15"
alt="Golf_pictogram.svg" /> Golf22
<img src="Gymnastics_(artistic)_pictogram.svg"
title="Gymnastics_(artistic)_pictogram.svg" width="15"
alt="Gymnastics_(artistic)_pictogram.svg" /> Gymnastics1121014
<img src="Handball_pictogram.svg" title="Handball_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Handball_pictogram.svg" /> Handball11
<img src="Judo_pictogram.svg" title="Judo_pictogram.svg" width="15"
alt="Judo_pictogram.svg" /> Judo22228
<img src="Rowing_pictogram.svg" title="Rowing_pictogram.svg" width="15"
alt="Rowing_pictogram.svg" /> Rowing88
<img src="Sailing_pictogram.svg" title="Sailing_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Sailing_pictogram.svg" /> Sailing55
<img src="Shooting_pictogram.svg" title="Shooting_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Shooting_pictogram.svg" /> Shooting457245330
<img src="Swimming_pictogram.svg" title="Swimming_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Swimming_pictogram.svg" /> Swimming45555529
<img src="Table_tennis_pictogram.svg" title="Table_tennis_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Table_tennis_pictogram.svg" /> Table tennis257
<img src="Taekwondo_pictogram.svg" title="Taekwondo_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Taekwondo_pictogram.svg" /> Taekwondo22228
<img src="Tennis_pictogram.svg" title="Tennis_pictogram.svg" width="15"
alt="Tennis_pictogram.svg" /> Tennis22217
<img src="Volleyball_(indoor)_pictogram.svg"
title="Volleyball_(indoor)_pictogram.svg" width="15"
alt="Volleyball_(indoor)_pictogram.svg" /> Volleyball112
<img src="Water_polo_pictogram.svg" title="Water_polo_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Water_polo_pictogram.svg" /> Water polo11
<img src="Weightlifting_pictogram.svg"
title="Weightlifting_pictogram.svg" width="15"
alt="Weightlifting_pictogram.svg" /> Weightlifting111111111110
<img src="Wrestling_pictogram.svg" title="Wrestling_pictogram.svg"
width="15" alt="Wrestling_pictogram.svg" /> Wrestling555520
Total gold medals1113171923161713252622918346269
September / October 198620th Sat21st Sun22nd Mon23rd Tue24th Wed25th Thu26th Fri27th Sat28th Sun29th Mon30th Tue1st Wed2nd Thu3rd Fri4th Sat5th SunGold medals


The following venues were used during the Games.3

Jamsil Olympic StadiumCeremonies, Athletics, Football
Busan Gudeok StadiumFootball
Busan Yachting CenterSailing
Daegu Civic StadiumFootball
Daejeon StadiumFootball
Dongdaemun StadiumFootball
East Seoul Bowling CenterBowling
Gwacheon Equestrian ParkEquestrian
Gwangju Mudeung StadiumFootball
Hanyang Country ClubGolf
Hanyang University GymnasiumVolleyball
Hwarang Archery FieldArchery
Jamsil ArenaBasketball
Jamsil Indoor Swimming PoolDiving, Swimming, Water polo
Jamsil Students' GymnasiumBoxing
Misari RegattaRowing
Seoul Olympic Gymnastics ArenaBadminton, Gymnastics
Olympic Fencing GymnasiumFencing
Sangmu GymnasiumWrestling
Olympic Tennis CenterTennis
Olympic Weightlifting GymnasiumWeightlifting
Saemaul Sports HallJudo
Seongnam Hockey StadiumField hockey
Seoul Olympic VelodromeCycling (track)
Seoul National University GymnasiumTable tennis
Suwon GymnasiumHandball
Suwon Sungkyunkwan University GymnasiumTaekwondo
Taenung International Shooting RangeShooting
Tongillo Road CourseCycling (road)

Medal table

The top ten ranked NOCs at these Games are listed below. The host nation, South Korea, is highlighted.

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