What is 1572?

August 24: St. Bartholomew's Day
massacre Year 1572 (MDLXXII) was a leap year starting on Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.


December 11: start of the Siege of
Haarlem <onlyinclude>



Date unknown



<img src="Elizabeth_Vernon,_Countess_of_Southampton_attributed_to_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger.jpeg" title="Elizabeth Wriothesley, Countess of Southampton" width="100" alt="Elizabeth Wriothesley, Countess of Southampton" /> <img src="Marie_Elisabeth_de_Valois_Clouet.jpg" title="Marie Elisabeth of France" width="110" alt="Marie Elisabeth of France" />


<img src="El_Greco_050.jpg" title="Pope Pius V" width="110" alt="Pope Pius V" /> <img src="明穆宗画像.jpg" title="Longqing Emperor of China" width="110" alt="Longqing Emperor of China" /> <img src="Cranach_the_Younger_Sigismund_II_Augustus.jpg" title="King Sigismund II Augustus of Poland" width="110" alt="King Sigismund II Augustus of Poland" /> <img src="Miguel_López_de_Legazpi,_en_La_Hormiga_de_Oro.jpg" title="Miguel Lopez de Legazpi" width="110" alt="Miguel Lopez de Legazpi" /> <img src="Gaspard_de_Coligny_1517_1572.jpg" title="Gaspard de Coligny" width="100" alt="Gaspard de Coligny" /> <img src="San_Francisco_de_Borja.jpg" title="Saint Francis Borgia" width="110" alt="Saint Francis Borgia" />


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